Candle launched as London’s most exciting bespoke music house in 1979 and is now a well-established highly-regarded company specialising in commercial music soundtracks.

Candle have been involved in all aspects of music and soundtrack production and have worked with all the most established agencies both in the UK and worldwide.  There isn’t much in the sonic zone that we haven’t produced in our 41 successful years and we look forward to tackling your next project.

Candle expertise include the supervision of music and sound to media, from conception to final delivery. The heart of our work lies in TV commercial soundtracks and radio production but we cover all areas of sound production.  These increasingly includes online and viral campaigns but also run to one-off projects like talking books, street booths and musical t-shirts !

Email: charlie@candle.org.uk or tony@candle.org.uk with any queries.

What CANDLE does :  * Music Supervision * Copyright Clearance * Licensing Negotiation * Music Composition * Music Arrangement * Radio Production * Casting *  TV Idents * Sound-a-Likes * Jingles * Incidental Music * Foley * Music Searches * Voice Overs * Production SFX * Ring-tone Creation * Sonic Branding * Sound Design * Website Audio * Internet Virals * Research * Narratives * Animatics *